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Tokenized Kiwi was founded in 2021 to enable creators to easily manufacture, store, sell, and distribute physical collectibles with their digital twin on a feeless distributed ledger, building trust in the emerging 'phygital' revolution.

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Create your own NFT


We make use of IOTA and its staging network Shimmer, allowing the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA), which will transform the concept and the exchange of value as we know it. Feeless, scalable, and secure.

DAG Ledger
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Utility 01


A digital twin reduces the risk of fraud and counterfeiting. The IOTA network records the history and provenance, ensuring authenticity verification.

  • Prevents Fraud
  • Provenance Security
Utility 02


Phygits can serve as collateral, unlocking new borrowing opportunities. Access liquidity by leveraging your tokenized collectibles in unprecedented ways.

  • Collateral Flexibility
  • Tokenized Liquidity
Utility 03


Phygits enable convenient showcasing without physical limitations or risks. Easily trade and display your collectibles digitally, expanding your reach.

  • Riskfree Showcasing
  • Digital Trading
Utility 04


Redeem your Phygits to acquire the real physical collectible. Our service ensures secure deposits in one of Europe's most secure bank-independent lockers with international shipping.

  • Secure Lockers
  • Fast Shipping
Utility 05


Create valuable relationships between digital and real-world collectibles. Enhance digital collectibles with tangible counterparts and infuse physical items with digital authenticity.

  • Hybrid Fusion
  • Phygital Synergy
Utility 06


Overcome geographical barriers and make your collection globally accessible. Connect with collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, expanding your network.

  • Global Reach
  • Worldwide Connection
Utility 07


Phygits offer a new dimension to investment portfolios, combining the benefits of physical and digital assets. Diversify your investments with a blend of tangible and digital collectibles.

  • Hybrid Investments
  • Diversified Portfolios
Utility 08

Smart Contracts

Utilize smart contracts to automate ownership transfers and trades. Ensure secure and transparent transactions with predefined terms and conditions.

  • Automated Ownership
  • Secure Transactions
Utility 09

Reduced Risk

Tokenization mitigates risks associated with physical storage, damage, or loss of collectibles. Protect your valuable assets in a digital format, minimizing potential hazards.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Digital Protection
Utility 10


Phygits create immersive and interactive experiences for collectors. Engage enthusiasts with the unique blend of physical and digital elements.

  • Immersive Engagement
  • Blend of Real-Digital
Utility 11


Reduced need for transportation contributes to sustainable practices. Tokenization on IOTA aligns with eco-friendly initiatives, reducing the carbon footprint.

  • Sustainability
  • Carbon Reduction
Utility 12


Ensure the longevity of your collectibles by preserving them in as Phygits. Pass down your collectibles to future generations, safeguarding your legacy.

  • Longevity Assurance
  • Generational Legacy


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Milestone 01

Concept Refinement and Market Research

Finalize market research to refine the Phygits concept. Analyze user feedback and insights to ensure alignment with collector preferences.

Milestone 02

Development of Phygital Infrastructure

Finalize the technical architecture for seamless integration of physical and digital elements. Collaborate with partners to ensure robust IOTA integration and NFT compatibility.

Milestone 03

Legal and Insurance Framework

Finalize comprehensive legal agreements and insurance policies to safeguard user assets. Collaborate with legal experts and insurance providers to ensure maximum protection.

Milestone 04

Kiwi Token Fairlaunch Event

Claim physical assets securely with the Kiwi Token and NFT, unlocking new opportunities in the world of collectibles. Whether a collector, creator, or enthusiast, this token enables access and management of digital and physical collectibles with ease.

Milestone 05

Beta Testing and User Validation

Invite whitelisted users to participate in exclusive beta testing of the redemption process to gather feedback and fine-tune the process for a seamless launch. Reward them with unique privileges, such as early access to redeemable assets, limited edition NFTs, special discounts and much more.

Milestone 06

Launch of Phygit Marketplace

Introduce the Phygits Marketplace, offering a platform for trading and showcasing phygital assets. Collaborate with collectors, artists, and partners to curate a diverse range of offerings.

Milestone 07

Expansion of Collectible Categories

Broaden the range of collectible categories available as Phygits, catering to diverse interests. Collaborate with experts and enthusiasts to ensure a curated and enticing selection.

Milestone 08

Integration with Global Partners

Establish partnerships with renowned physical collectors, artists, and institutions. Expand the reach and impact of Phygits by collaborating with influential industry players.

Milestone 09

Enhanced User Experience

Continuously refine the Phygits platform based on user feedback and evolving technology. Implement innovative features, UI/UX enhancements, and additional functionalities.

Milestone 10

Ecosystem Growth and Adoption

Foster a thriving community of collectors, artists, and enthusiasts around Phygits. Drive adoption and awareness through strategic marketing, partnerships, and events.

Milestone 11

Global Recognition and Impact

Attain international recognition as a pioneer in phygital collectibles. Showcase the transformative potential of Phygits at prestigious industry events.

Milestone 12

Continued Innovation

Explore new frontiers in phygital technology, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) integration. Maintain a commitment to innovation and advancement to ensure Phygits remain at the forefront of the collectibles landscape.



  • What are Phygits?

    Phygits are real assets that exist both digitally and physically – a fusion known as 'phygital.' A trusted partner keeps the physical collector’s item safe, while the digital twin, like a copy, uses an NFT (non-fungible token) to represent the real thing. You can exchange the actual collector’s item for the NFT whenever you want. When desired, you can effortlessly redeem the tangible collector's item by exchanging it for the corresponding NFT.

  • What benefits come with owning a Tokenized Kiwi NFT and Kiwi Tokens?

    Owning a Tokenized Kiwi NFT and Kiwi Tokens opens the door to a world of exclusive benefits and opportunities. As a proud owner, you become a whitelisted user, which grants you the unique privilege of participating in our exclusive beta testing for the revolutionary Phygit redemption process, made possible with the Kiwi Token. This means you get to be among the first to experience and provide feedback to help us fine-tune the process for a seamless public launch.

    But that's not all – we're here to show our appreciation. As an NFT and Kiwi Token owner, you'll receive exceptional rewards, including early access to redeemable assets, the chance to own limited edition NFTs that are truly remarkable pieces of digital art, and access to special discounts exclusively reserved for our Tokenized Kiwi NFT and Token holders. Ready to embark on this exciting journey and enjoy these perks? Secure your Tokenized Kiwi NFT and Kiwi Tokens today!

  • What are the benefits of owning a Phygit?

    Owning a Phygit offers a unique blend of authenticity, liquidity, and accessibility. Your NFT ensures the legitimacy of your physical collector's item and provides a gateway to the digital collectible world.

  • What sets Phygits apart from traditional collectibles?

    Phygits bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds, offering enhanced authenticity, accessibility, and versatility. They allow you to enjoy your collectibles in both realms and offer the flexibility to redeem the physical item if desired.

  • Are Phygits environmentally friendly?

    Yes, Phygits promote sustainability by reducing the need for transportation. The IOTA network is also recognized as one of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable distributed ledger technologies in the world.

  • How are physical collector's items secured?

    Once comprehensive legal agreements and insurance policies have been finalized to ensure the protection of user assets, your phygits will be stored at the 'EMS Werteinlagerung' facility, also known as the Swabian Fort Knox. This facility is one of the most secure bank-independent lockers in Europe, adhering to the highest standards to ensure utmost security.

  • What is the technology behind your solution?

    We make use of the IOTA and its staging network Shimmer. IOTA is a distributed ledger with the support of NFTs, native tokens, and smart contracts. It has its own supply of tokens which are called SMR.

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